Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google Earth Article

Here is a link to a Google Earth article from Edutopia that I thought was interesting:

It will give you a nice overview of the possibilities for classroom use.

My co-worker, Peggy, said she would be happy to connect with us some time via iSight/iChat to show you all the fabulous ways you can use Google Earth to enhance your curriculum.

Just something to think about....

Oh...and here's a pic of China I "took" from Google Earth....and one of Beijing


Anonymous said...

This is Sean.

I took a GPS with me when I went to China. Here are some waypoints which mark locations, within 50', of where Kyle T., John W. and I stood.

China November, 2005
Great Wall 1
40 20.796'N, 116 00.272'E

Great wall 2
40 21.247'N, 116 00.386'E

Summer Palace 1
39 59.776'N, 116 16.426'E

Summer Palace 2
40 00.051'N, 116 15.761'E

Forbidden City
39 54.855'N, 116 23.443'E

35 40.632'N, 139 44.288'E

Anonymous said...

Peggy also did a couple of really good podcasts on Google Earth. Check them out on the ITSCO podcast page

Brelle said...

My family and I just traveled around the world in an hour. This will be great for our China unit and our ocean unit.